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Activator technique is the safest and gentlest way to adjust a painful and stuck joint. An injury to the muscles, tendons, ligaments, or joint surfaces causes muscles to spasm around the injured joint. This commonly jams or compresses injured tissue together, further increasing pain signals sent to the brain.

A chiropractic adjustment pushes the joint complex open to restore normal motions and movements. It also blocks the pain signals being sent to the brain, allowing the muscles to relax around the joint. A moving joint is a less painful joint.

You may have experienced a sensation of a stuck joint when sitting in a car or movie theater. When being in a single position for an hour you start to feel restless and stiff in the knees or low back. Eventually you will shift to change positions, allowing the joints to slightly move and change stress loads across the joint. The subtle movement changes the pain signals being sent to the brain. The joints are able to send movement signals to the brain, which decreases your sense of uncomfortableness.

A joint was designed to move. When it doesn't move, you feel the stiffness and soreness. We have all felt the increasing soreness when sitting on a plane for several hours. This discomfort quickly disappears when you are able to walk and move around.


Activator technique is the most gentle way to adjust a joint to restore normal motion and movement. It utilizes a spring-loaded device. The amount of force applied is adjusted on the Activator instrument, less force is applied to the neck joints compared to the low back. The highly controlled and consistently replicated force is applied to each injured joint region. The Activator provides a low velocity force into the joint complex to nudge it open. Patients tend to describe a tapping sensation when the Activator impulse is delivered to the joints.

Many patients are surprised how little force is felt with Activator adjustment. Many patients who were used to high velocity manual manipulation procedures question if the Activator will work. We refer them to the Activator Technique website which provides an abundant amount of information on the Activator instrument, adjusting, and its effectiveness. The research has shown how well the Activator performs in increasing joint motion in the neck and back. It is highly effective for all injured joints, especially those with arthritic changes.

Spine-model-degeneration.JPG Osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis damages the bones, cartilage, ligaments, and tendons surrounding a joint. This damage alters a joint’s normal movement and makes it more difficult to adjust with manual manipulation. Some people with arthritis may experience discomfort with traditional manual manipulation procedures. However Activator Technique provides a lesser and more controlled force, which establishes the motion inside the joint without torquing or twisting the arthritic joint complex. These patients experience the relief of chiropractic adjustments without the strain applied to their joints.