Does everyone have Chronic Low Back Pain?

Everyone will have an episode of low back pain at some point in their life. A few days of stiffness, soreness, and sharp pains makes you appreciate your low back. Most of us do not think about our backs, until we can hardly get out of bed.

Our first memorable episode of low back pain can start with helping a friend move a couch or a hard fall on the ice. We remember the days of feeling "old" and hardly able to move around the house. Getting up and down stairs seemed like an impossible task. It makes us wonder, will I always have back pain after this because I really don't want to feel this way again. Uncle Frank complains about the disc in his low back that has bothered him for 20 years. will that be me?

Chronic low back pain develops over time and repeated injury. One bad fall doesn't lead to back pain unless the area doesn't heal correctly. If people follow a proper rehabilitation program their risk of developing chronic back pain is minimal.

Protect your back and follow your therapist's recommendations, because chronic pain shouldn't happen.

ice on back pain spot on back

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