Chiropractic back pain treatments - Graston Technique

Chiropractic care involves many types of treatments. It is much more than whack, crack, and pop. Many people are surprised by the amount of treatment options we offer, because their last chiropractor "didn't do that."

I am a firm believer in the more tools in the tool box the more options you have. Followed by, learn how to use all your tools and combine a little creativity. One of our clinics best attributes is problem solving. We do much more than whack, crack, pop and see you again next week. If four visits didn't work then try 10. We combine different tools and combinations to get the best results.

Ever try using the wrong screw driver? It can be done, but it takes too long and is frustrating. I believe in using what ever tool is necessary to get the job done, and if someone else in the office is better at using it, then you will see them for the treatment.

Yesterday we treated four people completely different for their back pain. Each has the same diagnosis and injury. But they have different levels of muscle spasms, flexibility, strength, endurance, and athletic abilities. We made the treatment specific for each person's variables which will produce faster results for the individual.

One person responds better with flexion-distraction treatments, another decompression therapy, a third manual manipulation and Graston, and the fourth better with drop table adjustments and light physical therapy exercises. Each person has different exercises based on their functional abilities and pain tolerance.

Cookie cutter treatments do work on easy injuries. It is not the most efficient type of treatments or cost effective for the patient. I would never want that for myself so we do not provide that for others.

If you walk in a door that has the same treatment for everyone, RUN!

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