Flexion Distraction for Back Pain

A simple facet joint injury can create a severe amount of radiating back pain. The pain usually travels down one side to the knee. It usually won't go past the knee, but it can for short bursts. Orthopedic testing will differentiate between disc injuries and facet injuries. Each responds to similar but different treatments.

If you have to choose between the two types of injury, chose a facet injury. As you know, lumbar disc injuries can be bad. By their nature they can cause an extreme amount of pain, loss of strength and endurance. Some people can loose feeling, sensation, or touch along their legs and feet. Others people feeling tingling, numbness, or pins and needle sensation for months. Radiating pain is common in both disc injuries and facet injuries. facet injuries are an injury to a structural segment of a vertebrae. the facets transfer weight from the joint above to the joint below. they also allow for movement. facet joints are one of the reasons you can twist, bend, turn, and rotate. facet injuries can cause the radiating pain, but they do not cause the other symptoms of loss of sensation, motor control, or reflexes of lumbar disc injuries.

Facet sprains respond very well to flexion distraction therapy, especially lumbosacral sprains. Flexion distraction works to separate and open up the facet joints. Each facet joint has pressure sensors in it that send signals to the brain. An injury to the facet joint activates the pain sensors and causes it to send a massive amount of pain to the brain. Now every movement causes severe pain, especially rotating, bending backwards, getting up from a chair, or lifting something off the ground.

Facet sprains respond very well to intersegmental traction, decompression therapy, and flexion distraction treatments. Flexion distraction works in a very controlled manner to separate the joints and relieve stress on the facet pain receptors. People feel quick relief with this treatment. Properly performed, range of motion and muscle spasms are improved. Combining this with other types of treatment and people quickly recover from facet injuries.

Never choose a disc injury. Always chose a facet injury, especially around March Madness when a week off work might be needed.

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