Will ice hurt or help Big Toe Pain?

Ice is your friend. Especially with any sprained muscle, tendon, or ligament injury. Turf toe is a traumatic injury when the big toe gets bent beyond its normal range. This damages the joint capsule that surrounds the big toe joint. Normal walking, running, and hiking gaits shift weight from the heel through our big toe with every step. Therefore any injury to the big toe becomes very painful and noticeable for weeks.

Turf toe is a difficult injury to manage because of its location. the anatomy of the toe makes it difficult for traditional treatment options such as electric therapy. however ultrasound and cold laser therapy can be utilized to decrease pain and inflammation in the big toe. taping can be effective too.

Turf toe commonly lingers for weeks to months. People will feel sharp twinges of pain periodically with walking, stepping, and climbing stairs.

Ice therapy tends to help limit the pain and improve outcomes. People who ice tend to get better faster than people who don't. With moderate and severe cases we utilized the cold laser to help with healing. Just like any other injury it is important to avoid excessive movements while the toe is recovering.