Headache Treatments Utilizing Cold Lasers

Headaches can and will affect everyone at some point. There are a variety of headaches, such as tension headaches, migraine headaches, sinus headaches, and cervicogenic headaches. Some headaches can be caused by an injury in another area. A symptom of TMJ dysfunction is commonly headaches.

Cold laser treatments can significantly reduce tension or migraine headaches in patients. Laser treatments work at the cellular level to produce positive reactions inside the body. Cold lasers turn on metabolic pathways that decrease headache symptoms and intensity.

Posture and Headaches

Many tension and cervicogenic headaches are the result of muscles under extra stress which causes them to go into spasms. The muscle spasms then place extra stresses on joints and nerves, which produce a cascade of events that lead to a tension headache.

Computer work or any slouching posture can produce these types of headaches. When slouching at the computer your shoulders and head move forward. The muscles in your upper back and neck then work harder to support the weight of the head. When these muscles become overworked they start sending pain signals.

You might start by rubbing the neck muscles for some relief; however, with continued slouching the muscle spasms worsen. When the trapezius and other muscles at the base of the skull spasm they place extra stress on the neck joints. This combination of muscle spasms and strain on the joints sets off physiological events that lead to headaches.

If the headache is just starting, it may go away with rest, ice, stretching, or Advil. These treatments reduce the stress and strain on the muscle, thereby stopping the events that trigger a tension headache. If you continue slouching the headache will increase in intensity because the painful stimulus is continuing or possibly increasing.

Cold Laser Treatment for Headaches

Cold lasers can help decrease headache pain intensity, duration, and frequency. Lasers provide relief by helping the muscles to relax, increase blood flow, and decrease the low grade inflammation. Cold laser therapy is used for treatment because it is a safe, effective therapy without any harmful side effects. The laser produces an energy that causes reactions at the cellular level to increase biochemical reactions that decrease headache symptoms. Increasing the blood flow brings more nutrients to the area and gets rid of the accumulating waste products. It positively affects the pain nerves, leading to greater relief.

Cold laser Therapy is enhanced with chiropractic, physical therapy, or massage therapy treatments. Cold laser therapy works by a different mechanism that the other treatments, so other treatments are more effective when they are combined with cold laser.

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