Laser Therapy Treatment for Low Back Pain in Arizona

Cold laser therapy treatment can be effective in decreasing low back pain. Low back pain can be caused by a variety of injuries including lumbar sprains, facet sprains, lumbosacral sprain, sacroiliac sprains, muscle sprains, piriformis syndrome, sciatic nerve entrapments, and lumbar disc herniation.

Treatment of all low back injuries requires three things: #1 decreasing the inflammation and pain., #2 speed the healing processes, and #3 improve the flexibility and strength of supporting muscles to prevent future injuries and back pain. There are numerous treatment modalities and combinations to accomplish the proper treatment and relief of low back pain.

What is a Cold Laser

A new therapy that is becoming more popular is cold laser therapy. Cold lasers emit an energy and wavelength of light that triggers healing processes in the cell. Receptors on the cell respond to different wavelengths to trigger processes that include decreasing inflammation, pain, and tissue fibrosis. It increases cellular energy production, cell repair, blood flow, and nerve regeneration.

It is a gentle treatment that can be performed at any stage of healing. Some people feel an immediate relief of pain. In other people it ads to the overall treatment effectiveness, reducing the overall length of treatment. It is especially helpful with any injury that involves damaged nerves. Lasers have been shown to greatly speed the healing and recovery of nerves.

Different Types of Laser Therapy Treatments

Not all lasers are equal. We utilize a class IV lasers because it is necessary and much more effective than a class III laser. There is a significant different between class III and class IV lasers. Class IV lasers can produce 20 joules a second, while many class III only produce 5 Joules a minute. The differences are the total amount of energy and depth of penetrating energy. Class III lasers are not as effective as class IV for many types of injuries. A class IV laser can produce 3,000 to 4,000 Joules of energy for the treatment. While the class III laser can only produce 30-40 Joules over the same time period. The difference in energy is what enhances the treatment.

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How many treatments are needed?

Some people in severe pain can begin feeling immediate relief. Most people require between 3-6 visits before realizing the full benefits of cold laser therapy. Some people will need between 6-12 visits. It varies depending on the severity of the injury, inflammation levels, pain, age, physical condition, and chronic nature of the injured tissue. Individuals with neuropathy, especially diabetic neuropathy usually notice a significant improvement within a week.

Laser therapy can be an effective treatment by itself or as a compliment to traditional therapies. When looking for a cold laser therapy treatment, make sure you are getting the class IV for its effectiveness.

How Much Does Laser Therapy Cost?

The cost of laser therapy depends on the number of treatment required. It will also depend if you require any additional types of therapy, such as massage or physical therapy. Overall, laser therapy can be very cost effective. For costs per session and packages please visit Costs of Cold Laser Therapy Treatment in Chandler Page you are adding.

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