Low Back Pain After Lifting Weights

It is not uncommon for people to experience injuries from lifting weights and working out. Many things can lead to injuries during workouts, including improper form, using too much weight, not including a warm-up, or general muscle fatigue. One of the more common injuries we see from weight lifting is low back pain. Muscle and joint sprain/strains tend to occur in the low back because we lack the core strength to support an error in mechanics, or an increase in weight load. Often times, we may have already been on the verge of a flare up and just a small amount of exercise pushed us over the edge. Whatever it may be, low back injuries are treatable, as well as preventable.

Video: Lumbosacral Sprains - Low Back Sprains and Pain

One of the key concepts in preventing low back injuries is to increase core strength and muscle endurance. We may be strong in those muscles, but if they fatigue out too fast, there is no benefit in having that strength. Some exercises for the low back and abdominals include bridging, cross-crawl, planks, captain's chair, back extensions and more. Using a variety of exercises and techniques can be quite beneficial in recovery and prevention, and challenging yourself each day is the best way to make gains in decreasing pain.

Some of the common treatments we use in our office for low back pain include electric muscle stimulation, massage therapy,low-level laser therapy, stretching and exercising,graston technique, and chiropractic adjustments. combining a magnitude of therapies to treat the pain from different angle provides the best bet at getting our body back to 100%. hard work at home and utilizing in-office therapies together is the key to decreasing pain, and getting back to doing the things you love.