Adductor Pollicis Trigger Points

Hand and Thumb Pain - Not always Carpal Tunnel

Many people think that any pain in the thumb, second, or third finger is automatically carpal tunnel syndrome. Yes carpal tunnel syndrome does affect these fingers producing weakness, numbness, tingling, burning, and fatigue with repetitive hand motions. Several other injuries can also cause this including adductor pollicis trigger points, trigger thumb, radial nerve entrapment, wrist sprains, and tenosynovitis, and tendon sprains.

The adductor pollicis muscle aids in thumb movements, especially thumb adduction. With a lifetime of movement and utilization many people develop low grade chronic sprains and strains in the adductor pollicis muscle and tendon.

adductor pollicis trigger point
Testing and Diagnosis

X-rays and MRIs may show mild degenerative changes in the carpels, fingers, and thumb. Many individuals have low-grade soft tissue damage or scar tissue in the hands from a lifetime of repetitive use.

Carpal tunnel syndrome would be differentiated from adductor pollicis injuries with an NCV testing. Carpal tunnel syndrome would show decreased activity in the median nerve in either it sends and sensation own motor component. However there would not be any nerve changes or loss and adductor pollicis trigger points.

Palpation of the adductor pollicis trigger pain reproduces the pain through the thumb and hand. Treatment would involve decreasing fascial adhesions, scar tissue, and soft tissue changes along the elbow, forearm, wrist, and hand regions.

Treatment for Trigger Points

Soft tissue treatments that decrease scar tissue and fascial adhesions enhance overall recovery and treatment. There many treatment options including massage therapy, manual therapy, Graston technique, and Active Release Technique. These tissues treatments combined with active exercises and stretches can help relieve all hand pain associated with adductor pollicis trigger points.

Hand exercises and forearm stretches enhance overall recovery and reduce the likelihood of future occurrences or injuries.

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