Low Level Class IV Laser Treatments For Knee Pain

Decreasing Pain & Inflammation

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Chronic knee pain keeps you from walking through a store, bending, golfing, and doing the activities you want. When ibuprofen doesn't control your knee pain, you may benefit from Class IV Cold Laser treatments.

Laser therapies:

  • Shut off inflammatory chemicals and pathways
  • Increase blood flow and nutrients - to further increase healing
  • Stop pain fibers activity
  • Reduce swelling

Low level lasers utilize specific wavelengths and frequencies of energy to shut off the inflammatory pathways. In addition, these wavelengths increase blood flow to the injured area to accelerate healing and repair. Increase blood flow means more nutrients are flowing to the area. The body uses the extra nutrients in its repair and regeneration process, enabling it to place more fibers across the injured joint to accelerate healing. The extra blood flow is also able to wash away more of the waste products produced with the repair and inflammatory processes.

Low level laser therapies are also excellent treatments for decreasing pain by blocking the signal sent from the pain receptors. Laser therapy decreases the inflammatory molecules that stimulate pain nerves. By having less of the inflammatory molecules floating around, it makes it less likely for the pain receptor to send signals to the brain. Many patients have felt this before when they stub their toe and produce a little swelling. The increased swelling makes any pressure applied to the toe feel like an intense pain. As the swelling and inflammation disappears, mild pressure is no longer perceived as painful.

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During the repair and regeneration phase, cold lasers are great for increasing the amount of ATP produced in the cells. ATP is the energy source used by cells for all of its cellular activities, including repair and regeneration. Injured cells often have low levels of energy, which slows the healing mechanisms and prolongs the time to recovery. By increasing the amount of ATP present and decreasing injured cells, we are able to speed repair processes and shorten healing time.

Class IV cold lasers are able to penetrate deep in the tissues. Unlike class III cold lasers, which only have a depth penetration of 2 to 3 cm, the class IV K lasers can penetrate 8 to 10 cm into the body. This allows for the healing energy to reach deep inside the knee joint and supporting muscles and tendons.

Class IV K lasers are an excellent treatment modality to help decrease pain and inflammation in all muscle, tendon, and ligament injuries. Low-level lasers enhance the healing and repair processes to reduce the overall recovery time. When combined with traditional chiropractic, massage therapy, and physical therapy treatments, patients can experience more pain relief, better healing, and a shorter recovery process.

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