Laser Therapy Little Finger Sprain

We have all done it. Jam, twist, turn, bend, or sprain our little finger. Ever have the knuckle swell up in pain? Then every time you try and use it you feel sharp, stabbing pain. It amazes me how often I use my little finger in everyday activities. It hurts to pick up my coffee cup, turn a door handle, get change out of my pocket, or shake hands.

That little finger sure is important. What is the therapy and treatment for getting it to heal? Put a splint on it? What happens if I play a sport and need it better, faster? What if I have a softball tournament this weekend? I need the finger to heal a lot before a weekend of abuse. Yes, ice will be important to get the inflammation and pain down. It will stop the excessive inflammatory products from accumulating. But what else can I do?

Heat and ice in alternating cycles will help. Ice for 15 minutes to reduce the temperatures and decrease the inflammatory cascade. Then use heat for 15 minutes to increase nutrient rich blood flow and wash away the waste products and inflammatory molecules. This will also help with the pain.

Beyond that... the little finger is too small to ultrasound very well. It is really hard to place electrode pads around the finger effectively to reduce the inflammation with any electric modality.

Thankfully cold laser therapy is a treatment that helps muscles, tendons, and joints heal faster. Cold lasers have specific frequency and wavelengths that promote healing, decrease inflammation, and block pain signals. They help nerves to heal and repair. Cold lasers have different settings for each region of the body to send the right amount of energy into the tissue.

Some people are skeptical of cold laser therapy until they see it work on foot, ankle, knee, or other tendon injuries. The mechanisms of lasers will work the same in different areas: they ramp up the healing process, increase blood flow, decrease inflammation, and block pain. It doesn't matter if they are treating a little finger or plantar fasciitis.

More information can be found about Cold Laser Therapy and its mechanisms for healing.

I realize that a little finger sprain is not a life threatening injury, but I still do not like the pain. If therapy helps, then why not use it. Cold laser therapy treatments helped get rid of my pain and recover faster than previous injuries. My finger was in a much better position to play a weekend of softball.