Physical Therapy Neck Strengthening Exercises with Resistance

Neck Strengthening Exercises are performed to increase strength and endurance of the cervical spine. People can develop weakness from years of inactivity. Weakness also increases with chronic neck pain, poor posture, neck sprains, disc herniations, cervical spine degeneration, or other chronic neck injuries.

The exercises are to be performed in a pain free range of motion. Stop if it hurts! The exercises are designed to build strength not cause injuries. The phrase "no pain no gain," does not apply here.

Place the anchor end of the rubber band into the door frame and shut the door. Place the head strap around your head, and step away from the door to develop some tension. After performing 10 repetitions, move to the next position and reset the head band position. The band should be providing resistance against the motion you are performing.

If the exercise is too hard, slightly step closer to the door. This will place less tension on the band in the starting position, thus making it easier. If you need more resistance, start with more tension on the band by stepping away from the door.

Begin in the starting position. In any starting position, there should be some tension on the band. During the movement the resistance should increase but not become too difficult.

neck exercise 1

Neck Flexion

chin to your chest with the band behind you.

neck exercise 2

Neck Extension

Providing resistance against tipping your head backwards.

neck exercise 8

Left Rotation

Resistance is applied as you are looking over your left shoulder.

neck exercise 6

Right Rotation

Resistance from the band makes it difficult to look over your right shoulder.

neck exercise 10

Left Lateral Flexion

The band should provide resistance against your left ear approaching your left shoulder.

neck exercise 5

Right Lateral Flexion

From the starting position, tip your right ear toward your right shoulder. The band should be pulling to your left.

neck exercise 9

Resisted neck exercises should be performed after patient demonstrates a pain free cervical range of motion in flexion, extension, left lateral flexion, right lateral flexion, left rotation, and right rotation.

If you feel pain with the exercises, perform the movements without the rubber band. As shown here in Neck Exercises Page.