Costs of Lipo Laser Treatments

Lipo laser therapy is performed to decrease inflammation, which increases blood flow, and improve lymphatic flow. When applied to the abdomen these treatments can produce several inches of circumference loss around the stomach.

The treatment are most effective in groups of several visits, which is why we offer a discount on packages. Individual treatments do not produce the results people are looking for when they choose lipo laser treatments.

Treatment Cost
1 Lipo Laser Treatment $95
4 Lipo Laser Treatments $360
6 Lipo Laser Treatments $440
Vibration Exercise Therapy -1 Treatment $15
Vibration Exercise Therapy - 4 Treatments $40
Vibration Exercise Therapy - 6 Treatments $50

Treatments are also more effective when combined with moderate to strenuous exercise. Many people chose to utilize vibration therapy to enhance lipo laser treatments and results. We encourage people to exercise as much of they can to enhance their weight loss goals while utilizing lipo lasers. Vibration therapy offers an alternative for people who are limited in their exercise ability because of knee pain, hip pain, back pain, or arthritic limitations.