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Low Back Pain & Treatments

This book offers multiple conservative approaches to managing back pain at home and in the office. It provides several treatment options and strategies to improve your quality of life and eliminate debilitating back pain through a combination of non-invasive treatments and corrective exercise. After reading this book, you’ll have the tools to take a more educated look in the mirror; to discover postural problems, dysfunctional movements, and daily habits that may be contributing to your condition. It would be misleading to promise that this book can “cure” your low back pain. What this book can do is help you manage your pain, improve your quality of life, and enjoy your recreational activities. You’ll learn to be a better advocate for your own body, leading to a healthier and happier life.

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Knee Pain Treatments for Avoiding Surgery

A guide to all conservative and medical treatments available to reduce your knee pain. A variety of knee conditions, home therapies, home products, and exercises are explained to educate and inform you of options available.Most people can successfully avoid knee surgery if they follow the correct treatments and exercise program. Unfortunately most people do not get the right treatments or recommendations, which leads them down the path to surgery. Have you talked to providers who are experts at knee rehabilitation? How do you know you are getting the best advice for your specific condition and where do you go to learn and educate yourself? Most cases of chronic knee pain are a slow development of increasing knee pain over time with subtle loss of function; and can be improved with the right therapy and treatments. Too many people make the mistake of having surgery first, and then going for rehabilitation. Maybe they should go for great rehab first and then surgery if absolutely needed.

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Improve Your Golf Game & Reduce Injuries

Golf doesn’t pose some of the injury risks that high impact sports such as running or basketball do, playing the game with bad form can lead to injury. A golfer might have been told at some point that he or she is “hitting from the top,” casting, or allowing the hips to sway forward during the follow-through. But none of these things seemed to affect the game much, or did they?Although improper golf mechanics may not cause injuries in the short term, they most likely will catch up with the person at some point and possibly sideline him or her. The purpose of this book is to connect the dots: to explain some of the differences between proper and improper golf mechanics, how the improper movements are leading to injury, and most important, what can be done to fix them.

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Plantar Fasciitis Treatment

People with plantar fasciitis become frustrated with the lack of clear answers, fluctuating foot pain, and various opinions. This complete guide reviews causes of plantar fasciitis, home therapies, home products, conservative treatments, medical treatments, alternative treatments, and provides effective exercises. The book clearly explains and educates you on available options. Learn about plantar fasciitis, possible treatments, and home solutions in one book from someone who treats it every day.

For those who want more answers this book answers why you developed the problem and what other muscles and joints in the kinetic chain could be compromised. When do you ice vs heat? When should you consider orthotics or cortisone injections? Is a night splint worth the sleep loss? How big of a role do bone spurs play in heel pain? The answer will definitely surprise you! What are the most effective treatments for breaking up scar tissue and causing proper tissue healing? Most people will require a few different treatments to resolve their foot pain, but which ones provide the greatest benefit?

If you plantar fasciitis started two weeks ago, start icing it several times a day and get a new pair of shoes. It might improve in two weeks and you won’t need this book. However if six months ago you were told the pain would “just go away,” how many more months will you wait before finding the best recommendations and treatments to resolve your daily and worsening pain.

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