Adductor Magnus Trigger Point Pain Pattern

Adductor Magnus Trigger Points

Adductor Magnus trigger points can occur by themselves or with the combination of hamstrings, adductor, and quadriceps injuries. They are common with chronic repetitive activities that involve standing, walking, and slow walking movements for hours on end. We also see it frequently with swimmers, triathletes, and runners.

The location of the referring pain along the anterior leg often results in a misdiagnosis of psoas, iliacus, anterior hip, hip degeneration, or proximal quadriceps tendon injuries. It can also be misdiagnosed as a sports hernia or inguinal hernia.

adductor magnu trigger point

The adductor magnus pain rating from either the anterior or posterior aspect of the leg should be reproduced upon palpation. Palpation of the trigger point reproduces the pain while releasing the trigger point decreases the intensity of the radiating leg pain. Often the pain can be reproduced with lunges, resisted adduction, squats, or adductor stretching.

Treatment to resolve adductor magnus trigger points often involve deep muscle therapy including sports massage, massage therapy, manual therapy, active release technique, and Graston Technique. The deep muscle therapies are complemented with stretching, strengthening, and stability exercise programs.

Adductor longus, adductor brevis, and adductor magnus injuries often occur when patients have an altered gait during running. Likewise there are commonly associated with patients who have chronic low back injuries and pain. The hip flexors and adductors compensate for poor pelvic stability and strength by becoming guarded and in spasm. Over time this results in injuries to the fascia around muscles.

A treatment plan that addresses all muscle imbalances and combines stretching, strengthening, and core exercises often prevents long-term and future injuries.

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