Headaches and Posture

Headaches can be caused or aggravated by physical stress to the neck. Muscles spasm place stress on the neck joints by jamming them together, which signals pain to the body. This cycle of muscle spasms and joint stress produces a cascade of events that lead to some headaches. Over time, the spasms can become chronic and cause multiple headaches in a month or week.

Posture often causes many people's headaches. Slouching forward rounds the upper back and shoulders, and moves the head forward. The neck muscles work harder to support the head and end up in chronic spasm. Just like holding a 7 lbs. bowling ball takes more effort to hold at arms length than next to the body. The increased effort eventually overwhelms the muscles and creates muscle spasms and muscle adhesions.

This posture is very common when working at the computer. Sitting with a slouch brings the head forward toward the monitor. The shoulder muscles are supporting the arms and head. The more forward the head becomes, the harder the neck muscles are working.

If you have spent an entire day working at the computer, you can attest to the neck tightness and soreness.

Posture translates into all of our activities. Slouching while driving, reading, painting, and sitting causes stress to the neck and back muscles. Overworking the muscles from any activity will produce the cascading events that lead to a headache.

Treatment that reduces the muscles spasms and joint stress will decrease the frequency, intensity, and duration of headaches.

See Headache Treatment page for further information and treatment on headaches.

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