Massage Therapy

What is massage exactly and why should our patients consider massage as part of their therapy?

Massage is a term describing a variety of techniques to therapeutically stimulate or soothe soft tissues of the body. Massage works to relax and stimulate muscles by increasing blood flow, temperature, lymph flow, and also to break-up scar tissue between muscle fibers.

Massage is used for more than relaxation. It is incredible at reducing swelling, muscle spasms, and improving range of motion. Oftentimes, when applied appropriately, insurance will cover massage as part of a patient's therapy. Massage can also be used exclusively as therapy.

Massage isn't limited to treatment protocol. Should you decide that you need relaxation and want to relieve tension associated with the stresses of your daily life, massage can be very therapeutic. Doesn't everyone love to feel pampered with a massage?

Who is our massage therapist?
Jenny is our highly trained and licensed therapist. Jenny has several years of experience and has been a therapist at chiropractic clinics and also at some very exclusive day spas.

What are the costs associated with a massage?
Our current rate, without insurance, is $60/hour. Please call (480) 812-1800 for our current rates. Joining our massage club is way to alleviate the expense of multiple massages per year.

What is the Alpha Chiropractic Massage Club?
Members pay monthly dues which include one 1-hour massage session, and also receive unlimited additional 1-hour massage sessions for one low membership rate, anytime they'd like. A 6 month contract is required to join our massage club.

Currently, monthly dues are $45 a month, and additional massages can be purchased for $45 dollars. This is at the fraction of the cost of other facilities because Alpha Chiropractic is committed to your health, and cost shouldn't be a hindrance to getting you to feeling great.

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