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Forward And Reverse Tuck

To perform the forward tuck. Start in a prone position and roll out on the exercise ball until the ball is underneath your lower legs, slightly ahead of your feet. Your body should be straight, with your head, shoulders, torso and legs in alignment. Now bend your knees and roll the ball towards your waist until you are in a tuck position. Slowly roll the ball back out to the starting position.

forward and reverse tuck forward and reverse tuck forward and reverse tuck

The reverse tuck works opposing muscle groups. Begin by sitting on the ground with your legs straight out in front and feet resting slightly apart on the ball. Your hands should be next to your hips, palms down and fingers either to the sides or facing front. Raise your butt off the ground and slowly roll the ball towards you, bending your knees as you go. Return the ball to the starting position.

This superset is a cutdown, alternating forward and reverse tucks.

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