Class IV Low Level laser Treatments For Hand Arthritis Pain

Hand Arthritis Treatment with Cold Laser

normal degenerative hand

You can see and feel changes to the hand and fingers because of degenerative osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. The knuckles are enlarged and tender, and the fingers may move in different directions.

People complain of constant stiffness, soreness, weakness, and sharp pain with hand movements. Soon you are avoiding many of the activities you enjoy.

Arthritis destroys the joint cartilage and bones. Destruction of the joint produces chronic inflammation which makes the hands stiffer and sorer. Decreasing inflammation reduces some of the hand pain, stiffness, soreness, and limitation.

Many people experience relief with over the counter or prescription medication. Other treatments are available for people who need more help controlling their hand arthritis pain. A new treatment option is a class IV cold laser therapy.

Video: Laser Therapy for Hand Pain Arthritis and Rheumatoid Arthritis

Cold lasers utilize specific frequencies and wavelengths to cause actions inside the body to decrease pain and inflammation. During treatment people may experience warmth in the hands as blood rushes to the fingers. More blood means more healing.

hand degeneration

Additionally, inside cells enzymatic pathways are being turned on to increase mitochondrial production of ATP, or energy for the cells. Chronically injured cells usually are short of energy which limits their ability to heal and repair. By increasing the energy inside cells they can repair damage or improve their structural integrity.

Low level lasers help block pain pathways. Arthritis destruction causes inflammatory molecules to be released which makes the area more sensitive to touch and pressure. Decreasing these molecules helps reduce pain.

After 4-6 visits most people feel improvement in their hand pain and stiffness. Likewise they have better pain free finger movement, less daily stiffness and soreness. The amount of sharp pain with everyday activities decreases.

Cold laser therapy will not cure hand arthritis, but it is a great option for decreasing pain symptoms. Most people do better with treatment. There are not any significant risks with cold laser therapy, which is why it is a great option for arthritis pain.

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