Chandler Chiropractor

I want to thank all of you for my treatment. When I came in I felt like I was 90 years old (I am 64). Within 8 days and 4 treatments I was feeling so much better. My lower back feels much better and I was able to play golf this weekend with 7 other high school buddies who flew or drove in from all over the country. Thank you again, I will definitely recommend you to my friends. Love the dogs too.
T.C. Gilbert

When I first came to see you, I had severe stabbing joint pain in my neck, shoulder and hand. Since the chiropractic treatments, rehabilitation, and cold laser, I am a new person. I can function normally again without Carpal Tunnel Pain. Thank you very much.
J.S. Chandler, AZ

I've been pain free and feeling great because of your professional chiropractic care. Thank you for making me a believer. I really appreciate everything you've done for my spine and herniated discs. Combining spinal decompression and rehabilitation exercises helped provide long term relief that I didn't get at other decompression centers.
P.W. Gilbert, AZ

I have been to other chiropractors in Phoenix and Gilbert, and you are the best. My lumbar disc herniations and neck pain are gone because of the combination of chiropractic adjustments, spinal decompression, stretching, and exercises! Thank You!
R.B. Gilbert, AZ

My body is old and tired, but you keep me feeling great! At my age the arthritis in my spine makes everything hurt. But the Activator Technique minimizes my low back pain and stiffness. The Cold Laser really helps my foot neuropathy.
S.L. Sun Lakes, AZ

Thank you for everything you have done for me. Without you helping me with my migraine headaches, I wouldn't be the same without your rehabilitation clinic. Thank you very much!
T.B. Chandler, AZ

Thank you so much! Everyone was so friendly and professional! I already left a google review!
A.T. Chandler

Great place, Great Team, instant improvement!
J.C. Chandler

Very patient and friendly. They explain everything you are doing or want they want you to do.
J.M. Sun Lakes

So happy we found you!
W.B. Sun Lakes

I am still a work in progress but the staff, education, time spent and treatments are all good. Grateful for pricing as I don’t have coverage for chiro here. This is the best chiro office for certain!
J.B. Sun Lakes

Thanks for all the great work!
C.N. Sun Lakes

Great job, very impressed :0 Keep up the good work!
J.B. Sun Lakes

Everyone is wonderful & I feel great!
G.B. Gilbert

Thank you guys for all of your help.
N.D. Chandler

Thank you for your flexibility and caring staff.
J.G. Chandler

Very patient and friendly. They explain everything you are doing or want they want you to do.
L.L. Sun Lakes